Chinese peacekeeping medical team in Lebanon will provide medical assistance to Beirut

According to the Chinese peacekeeping medical team, after receiving the notice, the unit transferred nine medical personnel from the fields of surgery, internal medicine, burns and anesthesiology to form the “Beirut explosion” emergency medical team. The emergency team will carry medicines, consumables, protective equipment and other materials to Beirut. At this stage, the team personnel, vehicles and materials are ready. < p > < p > the 18th Chinese medical team to livihe is composed of 30 officers and soldiers, and 15 of them have returned home on July 28. According to the plan, the remaining 15 will leave for home on the 18th of this month. China’s 19th batch of 15 people from the medical team to Lebanon arrived in Lebanon on July 28. They are in quarantine because of the new outbreak.