Chinese Consulate General in Sao Paulo donates anti epidemic masks to Sao Paulo State Government

China News Agency Sao Paulo, August 10, Chinese Consul General in Sao Paulo, Chen Peijie, announced that he would donate a batch of medical surgical masks to Sao Paulo state government of Brazil when attending the online meeting of “enterprise Solidarity Committee” of Sao Paulo state government on August 10, local time. < p > < p > Chen Peijie said that since the global outbreak of the new crown disease, the Chinese Consulate General in Sao Paulo has been paying close attention to the local epidemic situation, maintaining close communication and cooperation with the Sao Paulo state government, assisting the state government and enterprises to purchase emergency medical materials and equipment in China, coordinating all parties to donate materials, and supporting the people of Sao Paulo state to fight against the epidemic. < / P > < p > “the Consulate General donated medical surgical masks to the government of Sao Paulo state, once again demonstrating our determination to fight the epidemic side by side with the people of Sao Paulo state.” Chen Peijie said, “China and Brazil are about to celebrate the 46th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. I firmly believe that the people of the two countries will unite and work together to cope with the epidemic situation, and the two sides will continue to write a new chapter of China Brazil comprehensive strategic partnership.” < p > < p > governor Doria of Sao Paulo state, who attended the meeting, said that China is an important partner of Sao Paulo state and the cooperation between the two sides in various fields has achieved fruitful results. Sao Paulo state has set up its first overseas office in Shanghai, which is now operating well. He paid a successful visit to China last year and is now planning to visit China again next year. In his speech at the meeting, Sao Paulo state director of international relations Nelson expressed his gratitude for China’s strong support during the epidemic period, and appreciated China’s achievements in fighting the epidemic and restoring the economy.