Chinese businessmen in Lebanon experience the explosion: they want to fly back home, but one ticket is hard to get

At about 6:00 p.m. local time on August 4, local time, Zhao Ying and her husband Edmund were having dinner at home. Their two children were watching TV. Suddenly, she felt a strong vibration on the floor, and then came a loud noise, “I feel that the whole building is going to collapse.”. In the news broadcast on TV later, Zhao Ying learned that there was a huge explosion in the port of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. According to the latest local media reports, Lebanon’s health minister said the explosion at Beirut port has killed about 135 people, injured 5000 people and left dozens of others missing. Zhao Ying, President of the China Arab cultural and Trade Exchange Promotion Association, came to Lebanon from China in July 2001 for more than 19 years. “Due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, many businesses are not doing well in the current segregation period in Lebanon. The explosion also increased the concerns of some overseas Chinese. ” Zhao Ying said. Zhao Ying has lived in Lebanon for nearly 20 years and experienced the Lebanon Israel conflict in 2006. As the whole building was particularly shaken, Zhao Ying’s first reaction was an earthquake. “Our whole family was well trained and we all went to the toilet after we felt the shaking. Then I ran to pull the switch and the TV line, because if there was a bomb or a fire, the power must be cut off immediately. ” Zhao Ying recalled. < p > < p > after the first explosion, Zhao Ying’s husband went to the balcony to check, “he put out his upper body to check, and I also ran out to have a look. I saw the smoke in the direction of the port, thinking that it must be somewhere that exploded, so I ran back.” After only a few seconds, Zhao said, she heard a second loud noise, followed by a burst of air waves. < / P > < p > “my husband’s whole head has been blown away, like a big balloon has been blown out, and he almost got blown away. My husband was born in 1972. He has experienced the civil war in Lebanon and the conflict between Lebanon and Israel. He said that this is definitely not a bomb dropped down. He has never seen such a storm of magnitude in his life Zhao Ying described. Due to the air wave breaking the glass on cars and buildings, many local people were stabbed by broken glass on their way home. Zhao Ying’s husband, ed Meng, studied acupuncture and massage at Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine. He was a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. He also rescued five wounded people at home, treated their wounds and bandaged them. < p > < p > as the president of the China Arab cultural and Trade Exchange Promotion Association, Zhao Ying immediately learned about the situation of Chinese businessmen in the chamber of Commerce after the explosion. “At present, China’s enterprises in Lebanon are relatively small, the number is no more than 10, the number is only about 560 people, and these enterprises are more scattered in Beirut.” Zhao Ying said that as far as she knew, only one Chinese employee working in the port was slightly injured and the others were not in danger. However, Zhao Ying learned that some overseas Chinese in Lebanon were worried about the current and future living environment and operation, “now they are trapped here, and many overseas Chinese want to leave now.”. Zhao Ying said that since October last year, Lebanon’s economic situation has been poor, and the Lebanon pound has depreciated against the US dollar. Now in the black market, the price of the Lebanon pound against the US dollar has dropped from 1500:1 to about 8000:1.

novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak began in Lebanon in late February. “Now Lebanon is still in isolation. Since July 1, Beirut airport resumed some flights, there were a large number of imported cases. Lebanon did not limit its absolute isolation, and many people went home to isolate themselves. Therefore, there are one or two hundred new cases of new infections in the community of import and export every day.” Zhao Ying said that in this case, the business of Chinese businessmen in Li will be more or less affected. In addition, according to Zhao Ying, Beirut port is a landing port for transshipment containers in various countries in Western Asia. It is not only the largest port in Lebanon, but also the largest port on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Half of the containers in Beirut will be transferred to Syria and other neighboring countries. Now the explosion in Beirut port will also have a certain impact on the economic and trade of Western Asia. < / P > < p > “the explosion has also exacerbated the concerns of some overseas Chinese who hope to return home.” Zhao Ying told the client of Sino Singapore Jingwei that at the end of February this year, all flights in Lebanon were grounded, and some flights were resumed in July. However, ticket prices skyrocketed. The one-way price rose from 1500 US dollars before to 3000 US dollars, that is, a ticket costs 22000 to 25000 yuan. It is also difficult to get a ticket at such a price. Zhao Ying said that many overseas Chinese started grabbing tickets on July 1 and could only get tickets in early September. “To return to China from Beirut requires connecting flights from Dubai, Qatar, Egypt or Turkey, but all the tickets to China are particularly popular.” Zhao Ying further introduced that since there were less than 200 overseas Chinese in Beirut and they could not get enough charter flights, she could only try her best to comfort them and persuade them not to be impatient. If they really faced problems in their survival, the chamber of Commerce would also organize donations. The staff of the Embassy in Lebanon are also very good to the Chinese and overseas Chinese. They contact you as soon as possible and release information in wechat group in time to calm everyone down. < p > < p > with the spread of the new cap epidemic, Lebanon began to implement foot ban and home isolation. Zhao Ying told the client that her business was also greatly affected. < p > < p > < p > she had previously run tourism businesses in the Middle East, West Asia and Africa; she also did international trade, selling chocolate, wine and olive oil from Lebanon to China. After the outbreak of the epidemic in February, she shut down all her tourism business and international trade because of the airport’s outage and unable to transport. < / P > < p > “my chocolate is transported to China by plane. The temperature of chocolate is very high, which must be lower than 17 ℃ and the humidity should be lower than 60%. So I asked for the whole cold chain at any cost from the beginning. 500 kilograms of chocolate costs $1500 to buy a plane ticket. Now the price is higher. I haven’t transported chocolate for months Zhao Ying said. In the days of isolation at home, Zhao Ying is also trying to expand her new business. Now she is helping global investment institutions find quality investment projects, such as helping Chinese institutions invest in projects in Greece, Serbia and some countries in Africa. < / P > < p > “I have been saying repeatedly with overseas Chinese that we should put eggs in different baskets, make full use of our personal resources, funds and wisdom, diversify our business and walk on multiple legs. Only in this way can we survive in the environment of sudden changes in the environment.” Zhao Ying said. < p > < p > in her view, in the event of a disaster, we should not blame others, but take a positive view of the problem. Think about what else you can do, accept the reality, and don’t be afraid. < / P > < p > “I have no plan to leave Lebanon. My husband’s income in traditional Chinese medicine is relatively stable. I will help Lebanon out of the haze in my own way.” Zhao Ying said.