China’s tourism increases panda’s early return to China

China News Agency, Toronto, August 5, Canada’s Calgary zoo said on August 5 that two giant pandas, which had been planned to be returned to China ahead of schedule due to limited international travel, are still stranded in Calgary and are facing the challenge of “cutting off cooking”. < p > < p > Calgary zoo announced on May 12 this year that the fresh bamboo supply chain is facing challenges due to the impact of the new crown epidemic. The giant pandas “Tai Mao” and “Ershun” rented by China to Canada will bid farewell to the Canadian people and return to China in advance. Nearly three months later, however, they have not yet made it. The zoo said there were growing concerns about the health of the panda. < / P > < p > the zoo said it had not yet obtained permission to transport the two pandas across the border. Clement Lancer, the zoo’s president and chief executive, said the situation was endangering the panda’s health. Currently, fresh bamboo for the two pandas is purchased from British Columbia on the west coast of Canada by the zoo, but the zoo said the supply is expected to last until September. < / P > < p > SRC = China News Agency Yu Ruidong SRC = on May 7, 2018, four giant pandas leased from China to Canada were officially unveiled to the public at their new home in Calgary zoo, “Panda Corridor.”. The picture shows “jiayueyue” and “jiapanpan” are looking at each other. Photo by Yu Ruidong, China News Agency / < / P > < p > on May 7, 2018, four giant pandas rented from China to Canada were officially unveiled to the public at their new home in Calgary zoo, the Panda Corridor. The picture shows “jiayueyue” and “jiapanpan” are looking at each other. Photo by Yu Ruidong of China News Agency < / P > < p > for giant pandas, 99% of their food is fresh bamboo. Each adult giant panda consumes about 40 kg of fresh bamboo a day. “If you can’t send bamboo to the panda, I hope to send it to the bamboo,” the zoo said in a press release. According to the agreement between the Chinese and Canadian governments, the Chengdu male giant panda “Damao” and Chongqing female giant panda “Ershun” went to Canada in March 2013, originally planning to stay in Canada for 10 years. They first lived in Toronto for five years. During this period, “Ershun” gave birth to twins “jiapanpan” and “jiayueyue” on October 13, 2015 by means of artificial insemination. This is the first pair of panda cubs born in Canada. In March 2018, four giant pandas moved to Calgary. < p > < p > Calgary zoo once implemented artificial insemination for ER Shun in April 2019, but failed to make her pregnant again. In mid January this year, “jiapanpan” and “jiayueyue”, who have reached the age of 4, returned to China in accordance with relevant agreements in order to join the giant panda breeding program. Damao and Ershun were supposed to live in Calgary until 2023. In mid May this year, Chengdu Research Base for giant panda breeding also told the media that due to the epidemic situation, the international flight capacity has declined, and the fresh bamboo from China can not be transported to Canada in time and space. After discussing with Canada, the panda base decided to terminate the cooperation and allow the giant panda to return home in advance.