China’s peacekeeping forces in Lebanon celebrate National Day and Mid Autumn Festival

“After nine years in the army, I haven’t spent the Mid Autumn Festival with my parents for nine years.” As for the memory of the Mid Autumn Festival, Jia Fei, a member of the 19th Chinese peacekeeping force in Lebanon, blurted out the answer. It’s just that this year he’s a little farther away from his parents. October 1 is the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival. However, peacekeeping has no holidays. At this time, Chinese peacekeeping officers and soldiers were far away from their motherland and relatives, and they were carrying out missions in the dangerous peacekeeping battlefield in foreign countries. It is the first time for Jia Fei to go abroad for peace keeping and serve as the monitor of the security team. Asked how long he had not seen his wife and children, he choked. “My son has been 14 months and 23 days. I have been with him for a period of time when he was born. I really miss them…” Between words, the Shandong man tried to hold back the tears in his eyes. < / P > < p > “daughter in law, it’s the due date soon. You must take care of yourself and tell my mother what’s going on. Today is the Mid Autumn Festival. I want to eat two more moon cakes for me After hanging up the phone, maopan packed up and set out for a minefield near the “blue line” on the southern border with Israel. Mao pan arrived in Lebanon in August this year, and his wife’s due date of delivery is in October. His greatest regret is that he can’t accompany the birth of his child. But as a peacekeeping soldier, he hid his missing in his heart and carried the mission on his shoulders. < / P > < p > “although it’s a pity that I can’t wait for my daughter’s birth, I want to conscientiously complete the peace keeping mission and let my daughter be proud of having a father of peace keeping warrior!” Compared with previous years, Shuangjie is still facing the challenge of new epidemic situation. The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon recently reported that officers and soldiers of several troop contributing countries were infected with the virus. To this end, Chinese officers and soldiers have also strengthened the prevention and control of the epidemic. Zhang He, head nurse of the hospital of Chinese peacekeeping forces, who was dressed in isolation clothes, was busy in the triage post all day, sweating through his clothes. “For the sake of everyone’s safety, no matter how hard I am, I have to ensure that the first checkpoint of epidemic prevention and control in the hospital district will not go wrong,” she said Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, Wang Jianbin, has fought in the battle against SARS and won the “advanced individual of the national anti new crown pneumonia epidemic”. In the face of the current epidemic situation, he insisted on killing the camp indoor and outdoor three times a day, wearing protective equipment, scorching sun on his head, and carrying a weight of nearly 16 kg. It took half a day for each operation. When a colleague said that he could replace him, Wang Jianbin politely refused: “the epidemic is severe. I have more experience. I’ll do this job.” Although there is no holiday, in order to make the officers and soldiers have a good double festival, the Chinese peacekeeping forces have held parties and cultural activities such as “feeling in love with the Mid Autumn Festival, I celebrate with the motherland” and other cultural activities in the camp. Li Jiesheng, a cook, spent a week making elaborate preparations and handmade special mooncakes with the words “happy moon”, “loyalty” and so on. “Although we are overseas, I also want to try our best to let you taste the flavor of our hometown”. < / P > < p > “I have peace keeping positions. Please rest assured of your family, motherland and people!” The loud and clear voices of peacekeeping officers and soldiers resounded through the camp. Loving home and country deeply and caring for the peace of the world is the dedication and persistence of Chinese peacekeepers.