China’s peacekeeping engineering unit completed the upgrading and reconstruction of the defense fortifications in the unada camp

Khartoum, October 18, China’s 16th peacekeeping engineering team to Sudan’s Darfur successfully completed the task of upgrading the defense fortifications in El Fasher super camp of the United Nations and African union joint mission in Darfur on October 18, which effectively improved the camp’s defense capability against sudden security risks. < / P > < p > due to long-term high temperature exposure and rain erosion, the defense facilities around the super camp in El Fasher of unada were seriously damaged. In order to ensure the safety of personnel and materials in the camp, the Security Department of UNAMA evaluated the security and defense facilities in the camp, and agreed to ask the Engineering Department of unada to upgrade and transform the defense works in the camp by the Chinese peacekeeping engineering team. < / P > < p > after receiving the task, the Chinese peacekeeping engineering team investigated the damage of the defense facilities around the camp and worked out the construction scheme. After a month’s hard work, all the 12 fortifications that the unit was responsible for upgrading and upgrading were accepted by the Engineering Department of unada. < p > < p > Ren Yong, the leader of the Support Squadron of the task commander, said, “this is the first task after we arrived abroad.” under the premise of implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention, the engineering unit overcame various difficulties and completed the upgrading and transformation of defense fortifications, effectively improving the security and defense capability of the camp. Adam ABAB, an engineer of the engineering and Environmental Protection Office of unada, said that the Chinese peacekeeping engineering team had built a solid security barrier for the El Fasher super camp, “thank you for your hard work.”.