China’s maritime police have made remarkable achievements in carrying out anti crime operations involving the sea

Beijing learned from the China coast guard on December 4 that with a view to purifying the maritime public security environment and maintaining a high-pressure situation in combating crimes involving the sea, the Chinese coast police have smashed more than 10 major gangs and more than 10 verification lines in the past three years. < p > < p > in the operation, the coast police at all levels organized capable forces to carry out special operations, pointed the sword of special struggle directly to the evil forces on the sea, comprehensively carried out the investigation and arrangement of the situation related to gangs and evil forces, sorted out the intelligence clues, analyzed and mined the potential connections behind, and successfully detected a number of major cases related to gangs and evil forces, such as “Haiba”, “Yuba” and “Chuanba” To crack down. < p > < p > marine police agencies at all levels also give full play to the role of “95110” alarm platform on the sea, set up reporting mailbox, introduce reporting reward measures for special struggle against gangs and evils, strengthen cooperation with public security, marine fisheries, maritime and other departments, expand the source of clues, and improve the comprehensive combat effectiveness.