“China’s help enhances our confidence in fighting the epidemic”

“At last I can go home. This time is unforgettable At the shelter hospital in Abuja, Nigeria, ajbora Moses said happily. In mid July, novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed by Mose. After more than 10 days of treatment, Mose recovered and discharged. < p > < p > in March this year, facing the challenge of epidemic situation, Nigerian federal capital regional minister belo was extremely anxious about how to build shelter hospital and improve treatment capacity as soon as possible. He came to the operation division of China National Railway Corporation, hoping to transform the comprehensive maintenance center building of urban railway depot into a shelter hospital within two weeks. < / P > < p > the Chinese left behind personnel of the company’s project department immediately transferred to the reconstruction work, including the introduction of water supply and electricity, the reconstruction of the hall, laundry room, toilet, the new disinfection room, dressing room and other functional rooms, the handling and assembly of hospital beds and medical equipment After two days of on-the-spot investigation, all departments quickly made clear their plans and tasks. < / P > < p > Zhang Hongcai, who is in charge of interior decoration, took three employees to carry out waterway reconstruction. From 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., after four days of intensive operation, the water pipeline was finally reconstructed. Circuit modification is not easy. There are railway tracks, underground optical cables and pipelines near the building. Zhao Dong, who is in charge of the transformation of the power system, said: “in order to protect these equipment, we have to lie on the ground and carefully check the pipelines when we bury the poles. The time is tight and the task is urgent. Everyone is racing against the clock and there is no complaint. ” < / P > < p > at the same time, in the case of the closure of Abuja, staff with special permits, knock door-to-door to buy materials from businesses. Other project departments of the company also sent urgently needed materials: scaffold, floor paint and cable from Abuja terminal project department; medical screen from Cano project department; water heating materials from warehouse from operation Department. “In order to build the disinfection room of steel structure, we demolished the original security room, and finally gathered together the building materials…” Zhang Gui, who was in charge of the new disinfection room, recalled. < / P > < p > in two weeks, a five story shelter hospital with 506 beds was delivered on time. Seeing the ward with bright windows and rows of beds with complete facilities, Umar, Executive Secretary General of the capital region Department of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, praised repeatedly. < / P > < p > “China’s help has enhanced our confidence in the fight against the epidemic.” Yike, a senior technician who has worked for more than seven years in the company, said that in the face of difficulties, the professional skills and professionalism of Chinese builders are particularly admirable.