China’s 19th peacekeeping force in Lebanon faithfully fulfilled its mission

“I’ve never seen a soldier with such a strong learning ability and execution. You are an excellent team.” Zena Saleh, an examiner of the United Nations Mine Action Center, praised China’s demining qualification certification for its peacekeepers in Lebanon. < / P > < p > “perfect!” On the register, Zena Saleh marked “completed” for Zhou Hui, the 19th batch of Chinese Minesweeper, and gave her thumbs up. The translator next to him immediately conveyed the message to Zhou Hui, “you have passed the examination.”. < / P > < p > “yes, thank you, deputy For a moment, the joy of the “Post-00” female soldier was transmitted from the heavy mask. The “deputy team leader” she spoke of was LV Fushun, deputy leader of foreign affairs and head of translation team of the 19th batch of Chinese engineering units to livihe. As the youngest of the “cool” and “humble” soldiers, Zhou Huilei is the youngest. It took only three months for her to become a qualified Minesweeper. After three consecutive days of assessment, Zhou Hui and his comrades in arms were recognized by the examiners of the United Nations Mine Action Center and the Lebanon Mine Action Center on September 16 with their exquisite skills and professional level. They obtained two qualifications of military mine clearance and humanitarian mine clearance, and got a “pass” to enter the minefield. < / P > < p > on September 29, they “mined blue lines” and carried out explosions on the border between Lebanon and Israel. This is the first time that a new group of officers and soldiers have been sent to Lebanon to discharge mines and carry out blasting for the first time. < p > < p > when LV Fushun came to southern Lebanon for the first time to carry out peacekeeping mission in 2007, the local security situation was very serious. He was “very nervous almost every day.” during his 8-month mission period, “the most direct feeling is that dangerous times are present.”. After 13 years, LV Fushun participated in peacekeeping again. On the way from Beirut airport to the camp area, he saw no more devastation, but the thumbs up from time to time by the local people when they met the Chinese motorcade, and many people in Lebanon yelled “hello” and “thank you” to the Chinese motorcade, which made him very moved. Today, it has been more than two months since China’s 19th batch of troops to Lebanon and Victoria have been deployed to the mission area. During this period, they have experienced severe challenges, such as the big explosion in Beirut port and the spread of Xinguan epidemic. “We have encountered the most troublesome situation apart from the war, but I believe we can overcome the difficulties and successfully complete the next peacekeeping mission,” said Du Jia, commander of the 19th batch of Chinese troops to Lebanon In order to “faithfully fulfill the mission and maintain world peace”, the Chinese peacekeeping forces have gone against the wind and fought bravely. A number of Chinese peacekeeping officers and soldiers like Zhou Hui and LV Fushun have been in Lebanon for 14 years. Since 2006, China has sent more than 6500 peacekeepers to Lebanon, successfully completed the tasks assigned by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, and made an important contribution to the maintenance of peace and stability in southern Lebanon. It has been hailed as “an indispensable contributor to safeguarding peace and stability” by the commander of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. < / P > < p > because of hard work, they are professional, because they are professional, because they are dedicated, because they are dedicated, they will never stop the great cause of maintaining world peace. The Chinese peacekeeping force is constantly moving forward in fulfilling the sacred mission of maintaining world peace.