China and the Republic of China join hands to fight the epidemic

At the beginning of February, the new crown epidemic situation in China was severe. After the Foreign Trade Bank of Morocco learned that China lacked medical materials, it immediately donated 150000 disposable medical masks and 900000 medical gloves to Hubei Province through China Development Bank. According to CDB, at that time, Morocco was in a high epidemic period, and medical supplies were relatively scarce. Therefore, CDB immediately took action to contact domestic material suppliers to help Morocco solve the urgent problem.

China held China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control experience in March 26th with a meeting of the countries in West Asia and North Africa. Participants included health experts and government officials from 18 countries in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Kuwait. China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control measures effectively curb the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and it is worth learning, Bailey Phu Jill, a Morocco health ministry official, said. Liu Huachi, the general leader of the medical team of China’s aid to Moldova, said that in the face of the new epidemic situation, the medical team members of the aid to Moldova should actively participate in the clinical work of aiding Moldova on the basis of doing a good job of personal protection. The eight teams under the medical team also actively communicated with local health departments and hospitals to provide suggestions for epidemic prevention and control according to China’s anti epidemic experience and local actual conditions.

Morocco responded positively one belt, one road initiative, and Morocco signed a member of the Asian infrastructure investment bank in December 2018. China’s one belt, one road partnership, is Nasser Bouchiba’s chairman. Morocco’s chairman of the China Association for cooperation and development said that many cases of cooperation in the field of anti terrorism have proved that the two countries’ cooperation areas are expanding under the “one belt and one way” framework.