Chery will not cheat and compensate in any form by issuing the statement of vehicle running in situ

Recently, Chery released a statement on the new energy vehicles exposed on the Internet, saying that the video took place in a local driving school, which is not the behavior of Chery new energy company. We will not cheat and compensate in any form. < / P > < p > recently, a video of Chery’s new energy vehicles idling in place has been exposed on the Internet. In the video, a large number of Chery’s new energy vehicles are lifted from bricks and idling in place. It is understood that according to relevant policies, vehicle mileage is one of the audit items of whether the vehicle can enjoy the national new energy subsidies. Therefore, some people questioned that the purpose of this move was to defraud state subsidies. < / P > < p > Chery immediately issued a statement and said that the place where the incident happened was a driving school, which did not belong to Chery new energy company and had nothing to do with Chery new energy. According to the national new energy subsidy clearing system, the subsidy mileage monitoring data is the national platform data, and must have the GPS track. Wheel idling in video can only be invalid data. It will not be included in the mileage of subsidy requirements.