Chery Ruihu 5x high energy version was officially launched on August 26, adding 1.5T power configuration

In terms of appearance, Ruihu 5x high-energy version continues the overall shape of the current model, which is also Chery’s latest design language. The large-area hexagonal grille is embedded with dot matrix chrome plating, which not only shows the athletic temperament, but also has a little more delicacy. The bottom of the new car is also equipped with silver decorative guard board, which adds a hard off-road flavor. There is no change in the side of the Ruihu 5x high-energy version. The biggest difference is that the rim is upgraded to 18 inches. With full lines, the side looks more powerful. In terms of size, Ruihu 5x high-energy version is consistent with the current 1.5L model. < / P > < p > the rear of the car also maintains a relatively strong style. Several broken lines highlight the sense of strength, but also enrich the level of the rear. In addition, the new Ruihu 5x has replaced the original logo with English characters, which looks more modern. The shape of the tail lamp adopts a three-dimensional hollow out design, and the tail lights on both sides are connected by chrome plated decorative strips, which can stretch the tail in visual effect. The lower area is the same as the front face, using silver decorative panels, and equipped with a virtual design of chrome plated bilateral exhaust, adding a sporty atmosphere. < / P > < p > in the car, the Ruihu 5x high-energy version also has no change. It also adopts the embracing design, and the upper and lower layered processing makes the central control vision more simple. At the same time, in terms of interior color matching, the new car provides a black and brown two-color collocation, which is very classy. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a full LCD Meter, and a 10.25 inch suspended central control panel, together with the upper and lower air conditioning panels, showing a strong sense of science and technology. In terms of interior configuration, Ruihu 5x high-energy version has also been improved. The biggest highlight is the addition of a complete set of active safety system, including ACC adaptive cruise, active braking, lane departure warning, etc. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a dash cam, electronic gear handle, and driving mode selection to improve safety and comfort, but also to meet the more personalized needs of consumers. In terms of power, Ruihu 5x high-energy version is equipped with a 1.5T high-energy version, with a maximum power of 115KW and a maximum torque of 230nm, which can meet the national emission standard of 6B. In terms of transmission, it can simulate 9-speed CVT transmission, and provide two driving modes of eco and sport.