Changdu detachment of Tibet armed police force organized knowledge contest

On October 21, Lhasa, the Changdu detachment of the Tibet Armed Police Corps held a doctrinal knowledge contest in the organ auditorium. Three personnel randomly selected from each department of the detachment and each brigade form a representative team to participate in the competition, including government cadres, civilian personnel and non commissioned officer backbone, so as to ensure that everyone at the grass-roots level can participate in the competition and the doctrine learning is fully covered. < / P > < p > there are five links in the competition, namely, necessary questions, rush questions, risk questions, sampling questions and additional questions. The main assessment contents of all the questions are the newly revised common doctrine and other relevant regulations, so that officers and soldiers can improve and gain in answering questions. In order to ensure fairness and justice, the competition adopts the methods of individual random selection, judges’ arbitration, equipment on-site scoring, and on-site supervision by the Discipline Inspection Commission. It not only tested the quality and effectiveness of learning and using the doctrines of the detachment, but also created a strong atmosphere for the whole detachment to study and implement the new doctrines, which set off a new upsurge of learning and using doctrines.