Chang’an uni-v preview released the second car of gravity series based on vision-v concept car

recently, the official account of Changan motor vehicle released a preview of its new model. According to recent reports, this car is likely to be the second model of Chang’an uni gravity series, or it will be named uni-v. the new car will be built based on the vision-v concept car, which will debut in Beijing auto show 2020. According to the tradition of Chang’an uni gravity series, the new car may inherit most of the design elements of vision-v concept car, and will continue to fight in the segment market as the successor model of Chang’an cs95. < / P > < p > the trailer shows us the design style of the top and part of the tail of the new car. It can be seen that the new car is the same as uni-t, and the tail wing of the new car adopts a very avant-garde hollow design. We expect that this will continue as a family element of Chang’an uni gravity series. The new car may be equipped with panoramic skylight, but due to the application of hollowed out tail, the skylight may not support opening. In addition, we have noticed that the new taillights are different from the vision-v concept car. It does not adopt the through design. The long and narrow lamp set is integrated with the LED light band, so fashion is not dynamic. < / P > < p > in terms of dimensions, we refer to the vision-v concept car. The wheelbase of the new car will reach about 2800 mm, and the length of the car is expected to exceed 4900 mm. In terms of power, the new car is expected to be equipped with a 2.0T engine and a 8at transmission.