Changan Mazda 3 angkesella skyactiv X model officially launched, selling price of 189900 yuan

On September 16, the newly added skyactiv x compression ignition vehicle (hereinafter referred to as Mazda 3 onksila compression ignition version) was officially launched with sales of 189900. < / P > < p > as a new model, the compression ignition vehicle is mainly equipped with a new power system. Its internal and external design is similar to the Mazda 3 onksila, but the “e-skyactiv X” logo is added at the rear. Mazda 3 onxeira compression ignition version is equipped with a 2.0L e-skyactiv x compression ignition engine, which has a maximum power of 132kw and a peak torque of 230nm. At the same time, the engine has the function of 24 V light mixing, the motor type is AC synchronous motor, the maximum output power is 4.8KW, the peak torque is 61nm. Matching with 6-speed automatic manual transmission. < p > < p > Mazda has developed a new generation of skyactiv-x technology based on its accumulated technologies in gasoline skyactiv-g and diesel skyactiv-d in recent years, which combines the advantages of the two technologies with gasoline compression ignition technology. The “X” in skyactiv-x has the meaning of “crossover”, which marks the integration of skyactiv-g and skyactiv-d technologies.