Canadian Scarborough cliff Park collapsed and tourists fled

On August 25, according to narcity, a cliff collapsed in Scarborough cliff Park in Toronto, Canada, around 4:00 p.m. local time. A group of tourists were playing nearby and took a terrible scene. Video on social media shows a mass of sand sweeping the beach and people fleeing. < p > < p > Toronto police reported that no one was injured in the collapse. But local emergency services warn tourists and rowers to stay away from the area. Stephen Powell, head of Toronto Fire District, said the mountain structure of Scarborough cliff Park was not strong, and visitors should not climb and stay away from the area. Powell said that cliff park’s mountain is a sand structure, there will always be sand falling down. In the collapse accident that day, it is suspected that a large stone fell into the water and produced an explosive sound. According to the photos taken by tourists, more than one stone has fallen. < / P > < p > because there was no major accident, the firefighters and investigators did not stay at the scene for a long time. Falling rocks were found in the park a week ago, and Toronto police warned residents not to approach the dangerous area of the park on August 13. Scarborough cliff park has always been known for its potential dangers, and emergency workers often receive calls for help.