Canadian protestors pull down the statue of “father of the nation”

[Global Times reporter Liu Haoran] influenced by the racial movement in the United States, the statue of MacDonald, known as the “father of Canada”, was also damaged in the past weekend in Canada. The statue was “pulled down” by the protestors in Montreal, and was destroyed. This incident has become the focus in the country. Anti police protests broke out in Montreal’s dominion square on the 29th local time, with hundreds of protestors calling on authorities to cut 50% of the funds of police law enforcement departments and use the reduced funds to promote mental health, strengthen emergency services and reduce social conflicts, the Canadian News Agency reported on the 30th. When the protest was about to end, some people started to destroy the statue in the street: they put a rope around the neck of the statue, and collectively pulled the 125 year old statue down from its base. The statue fell heavily on the ground and “fell in different places” on the spot. The scene video shows that after the statue fell to the ground and the head and body were separated, the saboteurs gave out bursts of cheers. For their behavior, the local police did not directly intervene. They just used loudspeakers to shout and ask the crowd to disperse. Even after the statue was “in a different place”, the police did not arrest the perpetrators. < / P > < p > the destruction of the statue has been condemned by Canadian politicians. Montreal mayor Robert plante criticized that people should make a comprehensive evaluation of controversial historical figures based on their historical background, rather than simply and rudely pulling down their statues. Quebec governor LEGO said that although racism should be opposed, “destroying history” is by no means the solution to the problem. The vandalism of the protestors also aroused the disgust of Canadian netizens. A netizen said: “such a level of violence even spread to Canada, I am afraid, I hope this kind of behavior can be severely punished by law.” Others said: “they are using the means of Isis extremist organizations to destroy our culture and history.” According to Canada’s universal television, MacDonald is the first prime minister in Canada’s history. During his lifetime, he was controversial because of the implementation of church run boarding schools, forcing Native American children to separate from their families and other policies. On the other hand, many historians regard him as one of the most outstanding statesmen in the country, believing that “without MacDonald, there would be no Canada” and that “there are flaws but they do not affect his greatness”.