Canadian opposition party wants to take advantage of the scholarship storm to “force” prime minister Trudeau

China News Agency, Toronto, August 12, Canada’s opposition to North Carolina group is trying to seize the problem that the ruling Liberal Party is suspected of being involved in a conflict of interest in the student service grant program and “force” the trudean government. If Prime Minister Trudeau, finance minister manor and prime minister’s chief of staff Katie Telford do not resign voluntarily, his party will try to trigger the general election by means of a vote of no confidence this autumn. About half a month ago, Blanchet threatened to move a no confidence motion against the trudean government over the scholarship crisis. < / P > < p > SRC = China Singapore Social Development MSc / KUHLMANN SRC = on February 14 local time, the 56th Munich Security Conference opened in Munich, Germany, and will last until February 16. The annual Munich Security Conference is the largest international security policy conference in the world. More than 500 high-level representatives will attend the conference, including more than 30 heads of state or government of France, Canada and Germany, as well as hundreds of foreign ministers and defense ministers. The picture shows Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau attending a dialogue meeting on the same day. At the end of June, the trudean government announced the launch of a student service grant project involving more than 900 million Canadian dollars. However, the media later disclosed that the project was handed over to the charity “we charity”, which is closely related to the trudeans and the mono family. Chief of staff Telford’s husband’s company has a direct relationship with “we charity.”. < / P > < p > Canada’s parliamentary ethics commissioner has launched an investigation into whether Trudeau and others have violated the conflict of interest law. Trudeau and manor not only apologized to the people for this, but also recently accepted questions from the house finance committee with several senior officials. < / P > < p > Trudeau’s Liberal Party won only a few governments in the general election last October. This means that if the opposition parties form an alliance, it is possible to use the vote of no confidence to topple the Liberal Party and trigger a new general election. < / P > < p > but the odds are limited for the opposition right now. Quebec group is currently the third largest party in Canada’s house of Representatives. Even if it joins hands with the largest opposition Conservative Party, its vote in the house of Representatives is still not enough to defeat the Liberal Party. The conservative party will hold an election in late August. Although its current party leader and popular candidate have been criticizing Trudeau recently, they have not made a clear statement of support for the downfall of the cabinet. < / P > < p > Trudeau has yet to respond to Mr. Brown’s comments. Recently, there have been rumors that Trudeau intends to change the finance minister to another person. The prime minister’s office issued a statement to the media on August 11, responding that Trudeau had “full confidence” in mono. According to the survey conducted by the Canadian election polling agency, since the beginning of July, the support rate of the Liberal Party has dropped from about 40% to about 35%, while the popularity of the Conservative Party has risen slightly, with the support rate of about 30%.