Canada will impose $3.6 billion of retaliatory tariffs on the United States: will not yield

Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Christia freyland held a press conference in Toronto at noon on the 7th, announcing that if the United States starts to impose 10% tariff on Canadian aluminum products as scheduled on August 16, Canada will fully and equivalently impose a total tariff of 3.6 billion Canadian dollars on the products exported from the United States to Canada. According to local media reports, Canadian goods that may impose tariffs on the United States may include beverage cans, tin foil, pots, tripods, aluminum products for construction, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. It is worth noting that President trump announced tariffs on Canadian aluminum products at a washing machine factory in Ohio. However, the Canadian government still needs to consult with the relevant industries to make a detailed list of the specific U.S. products subject to retaliatory tariffs.