Can the genius of Paris make history?

It was a popular encounter, after the same 3-0 bloodless meeting, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain proved that they are the best two teams in Europe. < p > < p > the Bundesliga giants have won 20 consecutive games since February 10, which has become a real tragedy making machine in the Champions League. For the first time in history, Bari has entered the stage of the Champions League final, and has killed two Bundesliga teams in the knockout stage Previously, both teams have swept the domestic arena – Bayern won the Bundesliga and German Cup, and Paris won the French league, French Cup and League Cup. Considering that Frick and tueher face each other directly, or a civil war between German counterparts, this Champions League final is more topical. < p > < p > and Paris has already offered an extra 500000 Euro prize to each player. The team’s first Champions League Championship is close at hand. It depends on whether Neymar and mbape can win the cup on the field. After entering the second half of the season, Bayern continue to show their hard power to the world, and in the European war, they have maintained 10 matches and 10 wins, including 7-2 bloodshed spurs, 7-1 double in two rounds and 8-2 humiliating Barcelona. The last time a team maintained a total victory before the Champions League final, which can be traced back to AC Milan in 1992 / 93 season. In terms of players, “the organizer owes Lewandowski with a golden ball” is rampant. The polish has 9 games and 15 goals in the Champions League, which is closer to Ronaldo’s goal record of 11 matches and 17 goals in 2013 / 14 season, even surpassing Ronaldo in efficiency. < / P > < p > compared with Bayern, Paris has its own “King’s bomb”. Neymar and mbape send more and more signals of talent crushing everything in the knockout stage. For example, Neymar contributed an amazing 16 times of success in a single game in the quarter finals, and in the latest value ranking of “transfer market”, these two people are among the top three, looking around the world, and have such two at the same time Teams with top players are rare. < p > < p > in addition, the two teams have played eight times before, with Paris 5-3 taking the advantage. Although only two games have taken place in recent years, the French team is not afraid of Bayern in psychology. It is worth mentioning that AC Milan, the team that kept winning the last final, just lost the most crucial final, and the opponent was Marseille from France. Looking forward to the final, Bayern coach Frick has a posture of constant response to changes. “I know the other side has fast players, but our biggest advantage is to put pressure on the opponent.” < / P > < p > it sounds like Bayern, who is in charge of Frick, will still suppress Paris through high-level snatching and strong offensive, but this may be what big Paris is willing to see. < / P > < p > many competitions in the past have also shown that when an opponent exposes the open space in the backcourt, light cavalry such as Neymar, mbape and di Malia will complete a fatal attack in an instant. When analyzing the final, the great Paris defense general Tiago Silva also said frankly, “Bayern enjoys the intensity, what we need is to bring the game into our own rhythm.” < p > < p > in this season’s Champions League, greater Paris is the team with the least ball loss. At present, only five goals have been lost. To some extent, it means that Paris will try to set up a good fence and wait for an opportunity to counterattack. At present, the German media are not so sure about Bayern, because in the opening stage with Barcelona and Lyon, Bayern’s back defense has exposed loopholes, but it has not been caught. Throughout Bayern’s three lines, the back defense is also a relatively weak link. Legend matteus warned Bayern, “if you play Lyon, Bayern will no longer be popular.” Manchester United star Ferdinand also holds a similar view. In addition, Bayern have a day less rest than Paris, and whether their high-pressure play can continue to work will be a question mark. However, in the eyes of many people, Bayern are still the dominant side. Former German international Haman even won Paris, and the two teams are not in the same level. ” However, it must be mentioned that Leipzig Red Bull, which was just defeated by Bari, drew Bayern twice this season. From this point of view, it is very difficult for the final to be one-sided, and the talented players in Paris may influence the situation at any time. < / P > < p > in the final, Navas, the main goalkeeper who had been injured before, was expected to come back. Navas was replaced with a thigh muscle strain in the quarter final match against Atlanta, and did not appear in the semi-final. However, during the training on Saturday, Navas and his teammates completed a high-intensity joint training without any signs of discomfort. For Bayern Munich, French defender pavar may also enter the starting line-up. In the game against Lyon, the recovered pavar will come on as a substitute in the final stage of the game. His return will give Frick more choices in the arrangement of troops, and kimchi can return to the midfield position. < / P > < p > in addition to having the best players, Paris also has a coach who is quite familiar with Bayern. According to the German media, after Kovac class, Bayern once made tueher the future candidate of Bayern coach. It was even reported that Frick, who had never led the first team at that time, also consulted tueher about coaching matters. < / P > < p > this is the second time that there has been a German coach’s civil war in the Champions League final. The last time was in the 2012 / 13 Champions League final, when Bayern under heinkes beat Dortmund under klop. Tueher, who has been in charge of Dortmund, will challenge Frick’s Bayern. Some media believe that no matter who tuhel and Frick can win, with the addition of the European Cup, the winner is expected to become the next klop in the world football field. < p > < p > it is reported that Paris is the only one of all the teams that will stay in the hotel from the beginning to the final day, and the club now offers a reward: as long as the champion wins, each player will receive an additional reward of 500000 euro. The club’s determination to win is evident. < / P > < p > at present, both teams are ready to do their best in one battle. Judging from the odds offered by the gambling companies, the Bundesliga giants are more optimistic, but greater Paris also has a lot of opportunities. It is worth mentioning that most coaches also vote for Bayern. “Bayern are more balanced, maybe they have some flaws in their defense, but from the tactical level, Frick’s team shows a level that has never been reached in the past 30 years.” < / P > < p > in contrast, the evaluation of Jose is more artistic. “In terms of personal ability, greater Paris does not belong to the earth, but as a team, they still stay on the earth, and the final is still in the fifth five. It’s hard to say who can laugh at the last. But I prefer a team with special players rather than relying on special players to carry away. Now Bayern let me I think of the inter team I led back then… ”