Cambodian Ministry of health reminds people to be vigilant against multiple outbreaks

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Kampuchea’s Ministry of health, August 7th, said 7, said the Ministry of health of Cambodia warned people to prevent the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, dengue fever and the outbreak of the base of Kenyan fever, and not to relax their vigilance.

, the Ministry of health, State Council Secretary and spokesman, said in a statement. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the disease and other infectious diseases will be kept in the wet season,

said. In the rainy season, it is August to make a rest in April for the long holidays of the Cambodian new year. The spokesman said Chikungunya fever has spread to 15 provinces in China, with a total of 1700 people infected. The best way to prevent and control infectious diseases such as dengue fever and Chikungunya fever is to remove stagnant water, prevent mosquito breeding and avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.