California women’s Congresswoman’s request to vote rejected and bring a new baby to the meeting

A California Congresswoman confirmed on twitter that she took her 1-month-old child to the house of representatives to vote on August 31 after her request to entrust someone else to vote was rejected. < / P > < p > according to the US politico website, in the Legislative Council that day, Buffy Vickers held her crying daughter to vote for a housing related bill. She begged the house of representatives to pass the bill. “Please pass this bill. I’m here to strongly support this bill. I’m going to feed my daughter now. ” However, the Republicans and Republicans have not wavered. They once again put forward new reasons to oppose the bill. In the 11:57 p.m. vote, the house of Representatives passed the bill, but it failed to pass in the Senate because it exceeded the voting time. Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

California, began in August this year. It allowed the members who were considered to have high risk of new crown pneumonia complications to vote by proxy. However, the request for a proxy vote must be approved by the speaker. A spokesman for Vickers, Irene ivy, said Vickers’ request for proxy voting was rejected because “maternity leave does not qualify for proxy voting.”. Anthony Lunden, a spokesman for the California legislature, said the house resolution on proxy voting was very specific, and only members with a high risk of infection with the new coronavirus were considered eligible for proxy voting. California Senator Brian Jones announced on the 26th that he was infected with the new coronavirus, and several Congressmen who came into contact with him isolated themselves at home.