California wildfires continue to spread: there are still hundreds of fires that have killed six people

California forest fire continues to spread, as of the 20th has killed at least six people, more than 100000 people received evacuation warning, ready to evacuate at any time. There are still hundreds of fires in California, including more than 20 major ones, as of the 20th. California governor Gavin. Newsom said extreme weather and lightning caused wildfires, and California has recorded nearly 11000 flashes in the past few days. According to US media reports, in Northern California, wildfires have engulfed about 1300 square kilometers of land. Local firefighters say they lack fire resources and need other states to provide them with personnel and equipment. In the coastal mountainous area south of jiujinshan, about 26000 residents have been forced to evacuate due to the spread of wildfires. Local officials said the wildfire is likely to continue to spread due to windy weather, threatening 50000 surrounding houses.