California wildfires are still spreading, covering an area of more than 1.42 million acres

According to the data of California forestry and fire department, as of the noon of August 30, local time, California mountain fires are still spreading. At present, 840 fires have destroyed about 1.42 million acres of land, and the total area has exceeded that of Delaware in the United States. At present, nearly 2500 buildings have been destroyed in the fire and more than 60000 people have been forcibly evacuated. The fire department has invested more than 16000 firefighters to participate in the fire fighting work, and has controlled part of the fire. The weather is warmer this weekend, and thunderstorms are still possible in Northern California and the upper part of the Sierra Nevada. At present, the fire warning in delnott county and Humboldt County in Northern California has been upgraded to “red warning”.