California wildfire kills at least 7 people San Francisco is surrounded by wildfires on three sides

China News Network on August 25, comprehensive report, the United States, Northern California, a number of wildfires, killing at least seven people, firefighters in addition to extinguishing the fire, but also to prevent weather factors caused by high winds and lightning caused by more fires. According to reports, hundreds of wildfires broke out in California on the 23rd, and nearly 250000 people received evacuation orders. California Governor John Newsom said this week was crucial because more than 14000 firefighters were “fighting” against 17 major fires, mainly in Northern California, with San Francisco “surrounded” on three sides by wildfires. In addition to 14000 firefighters, 2400 fire trucks and 95 helicopters have been put into operation. < p > < p > the Santa Cruz fire is one of three composite fires, all of which were caused by lightning and occurred in the San Francisco Bay area. Affected by strong winds over the weekend, firefighters made slow progress in disaster relief. < p > < p > on the afternoon of 24 local time, the US National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for the arid areas, that is, the local dangerous conditions of fire, including high temperature, low humidity, lightning and strong wind of about 104 km / h, “may lead to dangerous and unpredictable fire”. A spokesman for the Fire Department of San Francisco < / P > can cover half of the fire area of the city of San Francisco. Holly Hansen, one of the residents of the angwen community who fled the fire, was allowed to return home for an hour on the 23rd to clean up their belongings. She said: “it’s terrible. I experienced the tabes fire in Sonoma County, California in 2017, which is the second for me. It’s scary when you have to think about what to take with you. ”