Bundesliga Dortmund striker Holland wins the golden boy Award

Beijing time on November 21, 20-year-old Norwegian striker Harland, who played for Dortmund in the Bundesliga, won the European golden boy award this year, beating Alfonso Davies, sandjo and Fati. < / P > < p > the European golden boy award was founded in 2003 by Italian newspaper Tuttosport. It was voted by several European media to select the best young player of the year. The selection objects are young players under 21 years old who play for European clubs. Before Holland, van der Vaart, Wayne Rooney, Messi, Fabregas, Aguero, Anderson, Pato, Balotelli, Gezer, ISCO, bogba, Stirling, Machar, Sanchez, mbape, delicht, Felix and others have won the award, and most of them have entered the list of top stars. < / P > < p > compared with last year when Felix was elected with a high vote, the competition for this year’s golden boy award is more intense. Before that, Harland, sandjo, Faty, Davis and other people are expected to get involved in the award. In the end, Harland won the award, and his performance was in line with the definition of “golden boy”. Last season, Holland made 14 appearances in the league, scoring 16 goals and six assists. After his move to Dortmund, he scored 13 goals in 15 games in the Bundesliga and delivered three assists, showing high efficiency. This season, Harland continued to be in a hot state, so far he has made 11 appearances in various competitions and scored 11 goals. In addition to harande, his club teammates Sancho, Bayern’s Alfonso Davies, Barcelona’s Fati, Manchester City’s Foden, Manchester United’s Greenwood, Liverpool’s Jones, Milan’s Danielle Maldini, Arsenal’s Martinelli, Real Madrid’s Rene, venezus and rod are also on the shortlist for this year’s golden boy award Rigo et al. Japanese players Kubo Jianying and Yasunari Kan, as well as Korean player Lee gangren, are also on the list.