Building a strong military history venue of the 75th group army to expand the education position

Kunming, December 6 – since the beginning of this year, a brigade of the 75th group army has combined its rich red education resources to build strong military history venues and expand education positions, and achieved remarkable results. < / P > < p > “the glorious history of the army records yesterday, enlightens today and guides the future.” Huang song, director of the brigade’s Political Work Department, said that the brigade’s red heritage is profound. Many companies were born in the revolutionary war years, and a number of heroic models emerged. They made great efforts to build characteristic military history venues, form a systematic platform for military history education, and make it a window of honor for the army, a spiritual home for officers and soldiers, and a red education position. < / P > < p > in order to enhance the construction quality of military history venues, the brigade has built and upgraded military history corridor, battalion company honor wall and other facilities, forming a systematic “wall, field, corridor, corridor, hall” military history venue; a brigade history compilation team has been set up to extensively collect and sort out the historical documents, objects, video pictures of the unit, comprehensively and accurately sort out the historical honor and model, and put the unit’s war history into practice The course of fighting and the heroic deeds of our ancestors are fully displayed. At the same time, they also use modern information technology to build a “24-hour online” Digital Travel History Museum, realizing an integrated display platform combining reality and virtual reality. In front of the history corridor, Sergeant Yang Zhen pointed to the song of light riding in southern Xinjiang written by him and his comrades in arms and said that the military history venues enrich the education classroom, and officers and soldiers love to see, learn and speak.