British media’s support for Biden’s competition for technology dominance with China

According to an article in the economist on November 21, Joe Biden should choose a strategy different from that of trump. Today’s new battleground is information technology: semiconductors, data, 5g mobile networks, Internet standards, artificial intelligence and quantum computing. All of this helps to determine who will have the military advantage, the more economic vitality, and even who will have the advantage in scientific research. The article points out that in this interconnected world, it is difficult for any country to master all the technical and economic expertise. Trump’s crude “monologue” has had some success. He forced some allies to stop buying 5g network equipment from Huawei and threatened to sanction chipmakers who supply to China. But in the long run, this is good for China. This has prompted China to accelerate the pace of creating its own world-class chip industry, although it is likely to take 10 years or more. More importantly, if a bullying United States always focuses on its own interests, it will chase away allies who can help it maintain its leading position in technology. Europe is increasingly reluctant to let the US exert pressure. The United States needs to reach an agreement with Europe to turn this conflict with Europe into cooperation. This will help the United States maintain a leading position in the competition for technological dominance.