British media: the new epidemic has torn apart American society, and trump has deepened American distrust of Science

Novel coronavirus pneumonia may be tearing up American society in August 6th,

China Daily reported on August 6th, the 30 issue of the British Financial Times website. The bigger danger is that President Trump may deepen American distrust of science. < / P > < p > a recent poll found that only half of Americans have a clear plan to get the new crown vaccine. Other polls also show that as many as a quarter to a third of Americans say they will never be vaccinated. No matter how many people are reluctant to vaccinate, they are under the threat of a new coronavirus. Moreover, at least three-quarters of the population in the United States needs to be vaccinated to achieve mass immunization. There is no better “Petri dish” than the United States today, but people’s hesitant attitude towards vaccines is not groundless. Under intense pressure, regulators have asked large pharmaceutical companies to shorten the clinical trial time of vaccines, but this may lead to errors. Many cautious people are reluctant to vaccinate, given the potential for shoddy production, while others are captured by conspiracy theories.