British army set up aircraft carrier battle group for the first time

On October 4, the Royal Navy’s “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier formally formed an aircraft carrier battle group in NATO exercises, and began to conduct joint combat exercises with naval vessels of other NATO allies. This is the first time that the British Royal Navy has set up an aircraft carrier combat group, and its combat capability has aroused various speculations. During the exercise, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Netherlands sent a total of 9 warships, 15 fighter planes, 11 helicopters and 3000 personnel. Queen Elizabeth is the core of the battle group. According to the report, the aircraft carrier battle group “is very luxurious”, including the Royal Navy 45 destroyer, the US Navy’s Allie Burke class destroyer, the British Royal Navy’s “Northumberland” and “Kent” frigates and the Dutch Navy’s “everteson” frigate. At the same time, two Royal Fleet auxiliary ships are responsible for providing fuel, food, accessories and ammunition to achieve sustained operations at sea without the support of the host country. During the exercise, Queen Elizabeth also carried two F-35B stealth fighter squadrons, namely, RAF 617 squadron and US Marine 121 fighter Attack Squadron, which mainly carried out fleet air defense and reconnaissance missions. Under the protection of a series of advanced destroyers, frigates, helicopters and submarines, the carrier, Queen Elizabeth, carrying the fifth generation fighters, is able to strike from the sea at a given time and place, and win the battle in a severe environment, said Steve Mulhouse, commander of the British aircraft carrier battle group. < p > < p > the reason why Britain set up a battle group with the “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier as the core in this military exercise is to show its determination to develop maritime power through the exercise, and try to restore the glory of the former “British Empire” Navy and regain its dominant position at sea. < p > < p > at present, although the Royal Navy has advanced warships such as “Queen Elizabeth” and type 45 destroyer, the number of warships has dropped to the lowest point in history. In addition, the British new warships have repeatedly exposed various “internal injuries”, and the “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier has leaked more than 1000 tons. In recent years, the United Kingdom started with planning and equipment, and constantly strengthened the construction of maritime forces, trying to change the status quo and realize the modernization of the Navy. < / P > < p > on the one hand, they put forward the “Navy’s ship procurement master plan for the next 30 years”, stipulating the progress of ship type procurement and new-type ship construction in the next 30 years, and stressed the importance of further maintaining nuclear containment and conventional containment. On the other hand, we should build advanced future warships and build a future fleet with Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier as the core. At present, Britain is stepping up efforts to build the future air defense destroyer, type 26 anti submarine frigate and type 31 multifunctional frigate. As the right-hand arm of Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier, these ships are an indispensable force in the future fleet. It can be said that the British aircraft carrier battle group is intended to provide experience for building a future fleet and exerting operational effectiveness, and also reflects its ambition to develop maritime power and restore maritime hegemony.