British Army displays high-tech unmanned equipment: with micro spy UAV and parent tank

According to British media, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace reminded that Britain was “in real competition” with the enemy in order to gain technical advantages in the battlefield. Wallace, a soldier, announced a department of defense operation aimed at defeating future enemies with high-tech manned and unmanned weapons. According to the daily mirror website on October 19, these weapons include unmanned reconnaissance aircraft of the size of the hand, parent tanks that control other unmanned tanks, and unmanned small all terrain vehicles. Wallace said, “we are in real competition with our competitors for technical advantages on the battlefield. The proliferation of new technologies requires that our science and technology be driven by the threats we face, while better adapting to our future needs. The actions we take today will lay the foundation for decades to come. ” < / P > < p > prior to Wallace’s speech, the British Army demonstrated a new Android team awareness kit that allows soldiers to see where other soldiers are and help avoid friendly fire attacks. < / P > < p > the mobile device, which is placed on the soldier’s chest, is connected to specific UAVs and UAVs, which are equipped with cameras to act as “extendable eyes.”.