British Airways starts to cut jobs

China News Agency, London, August 8 British Airways, Britain’s oldest airline, announced plans to lay off tens of thousands of jobs on the 7th, cutting a total of about 10700 jobs. A spokesman for Ba said, “the semi annual report released last week clearly shows that the new coronavirus epidemic has caused great financial difficulties for our company. We have to take every possible action immediately and make tough layoff decisions to protect as many jobs as possible. ” < / P > < p > the layoff plan will mainly affect the crew, engineers and airport staff. Airlines have reached a “basic outline agreement” with flight staff last month, with 85% of pilots agreeing to pay cuts to ensure that the number of layoffs for pilots is minimized. A spokesman for the airline said the new coronavirus outbreak was an “absolute disaster” for the global aviation industry. BA’s main revenue comes from business travel and long haul routes to destinations such as the United States, Australia and India, most of which have been grounded. In the nearly five months since the ban on “epidemic blockade” was implemented in the UK, the actual flight business carried out by British Airways was less than 20% of the original plan before the outbreak. Like many of its competitors and major airlines, Ba has had to take forced vacations, shut down more than 30000 staff and borrow 300 million pounds from the Bank of England support fund, the central bank.