British actor Ben cross died of illness and starred in chariots of fire

British actor Ben cross died of cancer in Vienna on August 18 at the age of 72. In his acting career, Ben cross has not played a leading role in many works. However, the classic sports film “chariot of fire” released in 1981 can be regarded as his highlight moment as an actor. The film is adapted from the inspirational story of Harold Abrahams, a Jewish British track and field player played by cross, and Eric Riedel, played by Ian chalson, who overcame various unfavorable conditions and won two gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games in Paris. At the beginning of the film, the scene of two people’s running training on the coast of Scotland is the beginning of the film. The slow motion picture full of rhythm and the movie soundtrack produced by the Greek musician van gielis can be regarded as one of the most classic film opening plays in the film history. “The sea is freezing cold, and we are all barefoot.” Years later, Ben cross recalled, “it’s ridiculous. If you ask any professional athlete if you’re going to run barefoot in cold water, you’ll be asked if you’re mentally sick. Of course, it’s different to make a movie. The effect of the pictures is really great. ” < p > < p > < p > the chariot of fire was produced by David Putnam and directed by Hugh Hudson. In 1982, the film won four Oscars, including best picture. When the screenwriter Colin Welland went on stage to receive the best original screenplay award, screenwriter Colin Welland seriously quoted classic sayings from the American Revolutionary War, “warning” Hollywood to be careful of “the British are coming.”. But for a variety of reasons, in the end, the film’s main creators, including Ben cross, failed to make any success in Hollywood. As a matter of fact, Ben cross and Ian Charlson have never received a more successful project than the chariot of fire. The latter left most of his energy to the stage and died of AIDS in 1990. Ben cross, on the other hand, is not very interested in stage plays. He spends most of his time shooting TV series, including BBC’s castle and ITV Mini Series “exotic”. < / P > < p > “of all the projects I received, the TV series are of the highest quality. As for those film projects, I don’t really like them. I always feel that films have the widest audience, so when choosing projects, we must be careful. ” Ben Cross’s remarks may also explain why he has not made any important works since the chariot of fire. Ben cross was born in Paddington, London, England on December 16, 1947. His parents were blue collar workers. His father, who was a doorman, died of tuberculosis when he was eight years old, leaving behind a pair of orphans and widows. His life was very difficult. Cross left school and his family at the age of 15 and set foot on society independently. When he was young, he worked as a dustman, a waiter and a carpenter. He was not accepted by the Royal Academy of drama until he was 22 years old. After graduation, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and embarked on the road of acting. The 1976 war film the distant bridge was cross’s first electric shock, but he played only a minor supporting role in the armored forces. After years of hard work, cross finally gradually mixed in the circle. With his singing and acting performance in the musical Chicago, he was recommended to star in the chariot of fire. In order to prepare for the role of Harold Abrahams, a track and field athlete, he spontaneously conducted devil training three months in advance, and then received a half year special training arranged by the crew. And he did, of course, live up to expectations. With this role, he and his partner Ian Charleson won the honor of best new actor of the year in Britain, and his acting ability has also conquered audiences all over the world. Shortly after, the Broadway Cast union broke the Convention and allowed the troupe to invite Ben cross to perform across the sea. Before that, in order to protect the interests of actors and actresses, British and American theatrical circles set up many obstacles, and in principle did not allow actors from the other countries to take part in stage plays. It was Ben Cross’s excellent acting skills that broke the stereotype in Broadway. The frequent interaction between British and American dramatists began. In addition, during that period, cross also became a celebrity in the American advertising industry, and successively received several endorsements such as American Express card and Polaroid camera.

, however, perhaps the exclusion of Hollywood actors at that time, perhaps because he himself was too awesome, or the manager was not enough. In short, he had no bright spots in his big screen work since then. He has appeared in the first samurai, Exorcist prequel and xenon 4, but all of them are supporting roles, and most of these films are not top-notch. However, Ben cross never completely left the screen. He played Spock’s father in star trek in 2009 and Prince Charles in William and Kate in 2011.