Britain is considering abandoning all tanks, saying their role in modern warfare has declined

[global network reporter Ma Yan] according to the Russian satellite network aid quoted the British “times” on August 25, in order to promote the modernization of the British armed forces, high-level British military considered abandoning all tanks. The report quoted anonymous government sources as saying that British government ministers questioned the value of retaining the tank force, which currently has 227 “Challenger 2” tanks and 388 “warrior” armored vehicles. < p > < p > in recent years, Britain has gradually paid less attention to heavy armored weapons, and paid more and more attention to air and network warfare. The battle of the 21st century is believed to be carried out in cities, and the role of network information technology is becoming more and more important. < / P > < p > the discussion of abandoned tanks is part of the British government’s foreign policy and defense plans, although it has been put on hold because of the financial difficulties caused by the new crown outbreak. At present, the number of tanks in Russia, the United States and China ranks in the top three, with 12950, 6333 and 5800 respectively, 239 in Uganda, 236 in Germany and 231 in Argentina. The number of tanks in the United Kingdom is smaller than those in the above countries.