“Brexit” transitional period: British Navy preparing for “fishing protection”

Britain’s Ministry of Defense announced on the 12th that four naval patrol ships have been on standby. Once Britain and the European Union do not reach an agreement on future relations, they will protect fishing in British waters from the first day after the end of the “brexit” transition period on the 31st. < / P > < p > both Britain and the European Union have previously indicated that they will decide on the 13th whether to continue negotiations on the post brexit agreement. Fishery is one of the difficulties in the negotiation, and both sides are pessimistic about reaching an agreement. < / P > < p > this is a picture of a fishing boat docked at the dock in shawlam, southern England, on October 11. Shawlam littoral is one of the fishing ports designated by the British government. According to Reuters, the British naval patrol captain on standby, 80 meters long, is going to patrol in the British Maritime Exclusive Economic Zone on January 1 next year and has the right to intercept, inspect and detain fishing vessels from EU countries. < / P > < p > in the negotiations, the EU asked the UK to allow fishermen from EU countries to continue fishing in British waters in the future, while some “brexit” people in the UK regarded fishing rights as “important symbols” of national sovereignty. With the end of the transition period and the deadlock in the negotiations, some conservative members of the brexit faction in Britain asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ensure that the British navy would be able to protect British waters. < / P > < p > Daniel kafzinski, a member of the lower house of Parliament, said the British side would “stop illegal fishing by the French side”. Alan West, the former chief of staff of the Navy, told the BBC, “we are a sovereign state and the government says we do not allow any other fishing boats to be there.” the British navy “is absolutely right to protect our waters.”. < / P > < p > in response to the British practice, a French official, who did not want to be named, quoted a British slogan in the Second World War and said, “calm down and stick to it.” < / P > < p > there are also objections and doubts about fishing protection practices in the UK. Tom tugendarte, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the house of Commons, wrote in French on social media that there was a risk of “poisoning” the Anglo French relationship. “Gunboat diplomacy is not welcome in Scottish waters,” said humza Yusuf, a member of the Scottish Parliament and a member of the Scottish National Party who supports “staying in Europe.”