Brazil’s president ridiculed reporters: if you are infected with the new crown, you are more likely to die than me

On August 24 local time, Brazilian president bosonaro attacked reporters again at a public event, calling the latter “cowards” and saying that because they were not strong enough, they were more likely to die if they were infected with the new coronavirus. In an event called “fight against the new crown” on the 24th, bosonaro described his experience in fighting the new coronavirus in July, attributing his symptoms to the use of the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine and his experience as an athlete. He had previously said that he believed his athlete’s experience would make him immune to the new coronavirus. < / P > < p > “there has been a lot of media coverage of my athlete experience, but if you cowards are infected with the new crown, your chances of survival are much lower than mine.” Bosonaro said, “you only know how to do evil. You can do it with a pen. You’re much less likely to survive. ” According to Reuters, bosonaro has long had a bad relationship with the media, often naming newspapers and journalists out of anger. His followers have also attacked journalists at rallies and other public events. < / P > < p > on the 23rd, when a reporter from Brazil’s “globe” asked why bosonaro’s eldest son and former assistant of current Senator Flavio bosonaro wanted to remit money into bosonaro’s wife’s bank account, bosonaro immediately said to the reporter: “I want to punch you in the face, OK?”