Bolivian President-elect Arce is under attack

Lima, November 6, La Paz news: Bolivian President-elect Arce was bombed while attending a meeting at the headquarters of the “movement for socialism” party in La Paz on the evening of November 5. No casualties have been reported. Sebastian Michel, spokesman for the movement for socialism, issued a statement condemning the attack on the party’s headquarters. The statement pointed out that a group of people detonated a bomb in the party’s headquarters on the evening of 5 local time, and arse was attending a meeting here at that time. In the first round of the presidential election held on October 18 this year, Arce, as a candidate of the “movement for socialism”, defeated his opponent with 55.1% of the vote and was elected the new president of Bolivia. The inauguration ceremony will be held in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, on November 8.