Boeing may face a $1.25 million fine for improper pressure on aircraft security staff

On August 6, the comprehensive “Central News Agency” reported that the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States proposed to impose a fine of 1.25 million US dollars on Boeing company for the reason that the factory manager of Boeing South Carolina improperly put pressure on its security staff and intervened in relevant security inspection work. It is reported that these employees act on behalf of the Federal Aviation Administration to carry out the certification work before the aircraft leaves the factory. < p > < p > < p > according to reports, for nearly two years, Boeing’s managers pressured security workers to harass, speed up and threaten to change their jobs when they were handling pre factory security checks. At the North Charleston plant in South Carolina, managers sometimes stay outside the aircraft to monitor how long it takes for security personnel to carry out inspection programs, according to the FAA. According to the report, < / P > < p > some of Boeing’s employees deal with aircraft factory certification on behalf of the Federal Aviation Administration. At the South Carolina plant, during the period from September 2018 to may 2019, security staff were subjected to undue pressure or intervention by at least four managers. In a letter to Boeing from the Federal Aviation Administration, there will be no further action in the next 30 days for Boeing to pay fines or provide other relevant information.