BMW x2 releases special edition of M exterior package to bring m exterior and interior to low power vehicles

A few days ago, e-Car learned from BMW that BMW launched m mesh edition appearance package for x2 model. The new m sport China open will be provided on the m235i model. The appearance package can make the low-power x2 model obtain the appearance and interior similar to the M model. The BMW x2 gasoline / diesel models all provide the M mesh edition special edition package. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, BMW’s new kit provides new rim styling, blackening interior color and adding m sports badge. M mesh China open is full of “t” shaped grille inside the double kidney type of China open. This new m mesh China open is planned to be launched on the m235i in November. Now the new m mesh China open can be transplanted to the X2 model. In addition, the kit also includes glossy black window lines and B-pillar decorations. < / P > < p > the roof rack and exhaust port are also chrome plated in black. The new wheel rims are decorated in black and orange. They are 19 inch standard and 20 inch optional. In addition, the official figure of European model provides orange body pattern. < / P > < p > for the interior part, the package will bring the integrated m sports seat for X2, which is usually the exclusive option of x2 m35i version. The M sports steering wheel with shift paddles is also used, and the seats have black trim and M’s three color logo. The center console is decorated with aluminum hexagon decorative panel and pearl gray chrome plating decoration. It will also provide x2 with exclusive threshold strip and ground lamp.