BMW inext abandons L3 automatic driving technology, and the new car will be mass produced in July 2021

In 2018, when BMW decided to mass produce inext, it said that the new car would be equipped with L3 or even higher level automatic driving technology, becoming BMW’s first fully automatic driving car. However, for the sake of safety and the perfection of laws and regulations, a spokesman of BMW announced to the outside world in a recent interview that “only under the premise of ensuring absolute safety and the permission of relevant laws and regulations, BMW will further develop the automatic driving function. However, due to the fact that L3 automatic driving technology can not obtain legal permission in some areas, drivers will still be responsible for driving. Therefore, inext, which will be mass produced next year, will still provide L2 level automatic driving technology, but it will assist the driver in the operation of the vehicle to a high extent. ” < / P > < p > at present, BMW has decided to start production of inext in July 2021, and the new car is expected to go on sale before the end of next year. According to previous reports, the new car will bring up to four power versions, including one rear wheel drive and three xDrive all wheel drive models. < / P > < p > according to the plan, there are only two kinds of power systems, the IX xdrive40e and the IX xdrive50e. The 40e power version is equipped with a maximum 295 horsepower motor with rear wheel drive; the 50E power version is a dual motor four-wheel drive vehicle with a maximum power of 430 horsepower, all equipped with a new generation of batteries, and the range is 600-700 km. It is expected that BMW will follow up the two high-performance versions of m power after the new car is launched for some time. They are IX m50e xDrive and IX m60e xDrive. It can be seen from the name that they will have four-wheel drive system and more powerful power output. The m50e can bring 530 horsepower and the m60e can reach 600 horsepower.