“Black people’s life is also life” protest continues to be fierce, trump complains again

[global network reporter Zhang Xiaoya] “this is a bad name. It’s so discriminatory. It’s not good for black people. It’s not good for everyone. ” In the face of the “black life is life” anti racial discrimination protest across the United States, US President trump complained to the US media on August 31. < / P > < p > according to Capitol Hill, trump spent a lot of time describing the continuous protests in recent months in an interview with Fox News Anchor Laura Ingraham. He especially targeted at the “black life is life” protest, an organization aimed at fighting police violence and ethnic injustice. < / P > < p > “‘black people’s life is also life ‘is a Marxist group.” Trump said at the time, “the first time I heard that” black people’s lives are also lives, “I said,” that’s a bad name. “. It’s so discriminatory. It’s not good for black people, it’s not good for everyone. ” < / P > < p > Trump’s comments come as demonstrations continue to take place across the United States. On August 23, police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, fired seven shots at an African American man in the back, causing him serious injury. The incident later led to a large-scale outbreak in the area. On the 25th, gunfire broke out again during the protest, killing two people and injuring one. 17-year-old white boy Rittenhouse was arrested on suspicion of first-degree intentional homicide. However, trump later refused to condemn Rittenhouse’s behavior in a press conference, saying that if he did not shoot, “he might be killed.”. On the night of the 29th, a large-scale conflict broke out between trump supporters and protestors on the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon, during which one person was shot dead. < / P > < p > on the day of Trump’s interview, presidential candidate Biden condemned the violence caused by the riots. Biden also accused trump of inciting violence and hinted that the White House thought it would reap political benefits. < / P > < p > trump has previously denounced the “black life is life” movement. On July 1, in response to New York City officials’ announcement that the sign “black life is also life” was painted in front of trump building on Fifth Avenue in the city, trump immediately launched a barrage, accusing “black life is also life” as a “symbol of hatred”.