“Bihai 2020” special law enforcement action achieves fruitful results

Beijing’s “Bihai 2020” special law enforcement action for marine ecological environment protection on December 8 has been successfully concluded recently, with fruitful results. < p > < p > since April 1, with a view to promoting the construction of marine ecological civilization, strengthening the supervision and inspection of marine ecological environment, and rectifying the prominent problems of marine pollution and ecological damage, China maritime police has cooperated with the Ministry of natural resources, the Ministry of ecological environment, the Ministry of transportation and other departments to focus on the supervision and management of marine engineering construction projects, the supervision and management of offshore oil exploration and development activities, and the dumping of marine wastes We will comprehensively strengthen the supervision and inspection of key projects, hot spots and key links, and severely crack down on violations of laws and regulations such as coral reef destruction, illegal sea sand mining, illegal dumping, shoreline destruction and wetland encroachment. < / P > < p > during the operation, the maritime police at all levels cooperated closely with the local maritime law enforcement departments, comprehensively used dynamic monitoring, land and shore inspection, maritime cruise and other means, inspected 3397 marine projects, dumping projects, nature reserves, oil platforms and facilities, inhabited islands, etc., investigated and dealt with 59 cases of illegal dumping and destruction of marine nature reserves, and investigated and dealt with sand related administrative cases 235 cases, 386 criminal cases such as illegal mining were investigated, and 676 ships and 4.42 million tons of sea sand were seized. < / P > < p > it is understood that China’s maritime police will deeply analyze and judge the situation of maritime law enforcement, focus on the prominent problems of pollution damage to the marine environment, further cooperate closely with relevant departments, crack down on all kinds of illegal activities, effectively protect marine ecological security, and help build a beautiful ocean.