“Big pieces” of rehabilitation can also rent Shanghai for the aged

For everyone, aging is inevitable, but this process can become more dignified and happy. Rehabilitation assistive equipment rental, smart pension, and “old partner” program In recent years, Shanghai, which has entered a deep aging era, has accelerated the transition from “providing for the elderly” to “providing for the elderly” by using new technologies, new models and new concepts.

recently, in his family’s eyes, Wang Juxian, a 82 year old man living in the Tianlin street in Xuhui, Shanghai, was obviously cheerful. Less tantrums and more smiles. According to Wang Juxian’s daughter, one of the important reasons for the elderly to be cheerful is that he recently rented a smart wheelchair. A few days ago, Wang Juxian learned that the community comprehensive service center “neighborhood Hui” near her home had rental of rehabilitation aids, four universal wheels, and intelligent wheelchairs that could sit and lie down. After the government subsidized it, she quickly let her daughter accompany her to rent one. < / P > < p > “if you have a wheelchair, you can participate in the gathering of sisters in the community at any time, and you don’t have to be stuck at home all around the wall.” Wang Juxian said that the elderly also have social needs, and it is her daily routine to go to an appointment in a rented wheelchair. < / P > < p > in the “neighborhood meeting” of Tianlin street, Xuhui District, we can see that all kinds of rehabilitation aids, such as intelligent shampoo, knee assistive device and intelligent wheelchair, are listed, just like a small pension Expo. Try a shampoo, measure blood fat and blood pressure Residents come to experience every day. It is understood that by the end of 2019, 70 community rental sites of rehabilitation aids in towns and townships in Shanghai were identified. For those aged 60-74, low-income and over 75, they can enjoy 50% preferential subsidy when renting. < / P > < p > “most of the old people are more economical and reluctant to buy large items. If they are rented, they will not be wasted even if they are not easy to use.” Ma Xiaoyan said that a smart bed with a market price of about 15000 yuan only costs 1500 yuan six months after government subsidies, which is equivalent to less than 10 yuan a day.

Shanghai city registered residence in the country. The population aged 60 and over accounted for 35.2% of the total registered residence in Shanghai as of the end of 2019. In Xuhui, which is aging in depth, the proportion has reached 35.4%. The heavy number of < / P > < p > highlights the pressure of pension. In recent years, Shanghai Xuhui has continued to increase investment and integrate new technologies, new models and new ideas into the pension cause. < / P > < p > – cultivate a professional team. On the one hand, Xuhui encourages pension institutions to cooperate with enterprises with mature experience in pension industry. On the other hand, we should integrate the resources of Zhongshan Hospital and other tertiary hospitals in the region, and cooperate with nursing school of Fudan University to carry out the training of nursing talents for the aged. < / P > < p > – promote the wisdom of science and technology for the aged. The intelligent off bed induction call system has been installed in Longwu Road nursing home in Xuhui District. The system can send out an alarm after the disabled elderly leave the bed for a few minutes, which not only ensures the safety of the elderly, but also realizes the transparency of institutional management. < p > < p > Wan Xiaolan, director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Xuhui District, said that relying on the “one network unified management” of urban operation, Xuhui is integrating online and offline services to efficiently handle the worries of the elderly, such as the safety of living alone for the elderly, the guarantee of catering service, and the loss of the elderly with cognitive impairment. In the future, the district will also develop more intelligent pension service scenarios. < / P > < p > – community integration linkage. At present, Xuhui has built 18 Street towns “neighborhood meeting” and 306 residential area “neighborhood meeting” to provide embedded pension services. For example, in view of the catering service for the elderly, the community canteen in Caohejing street can provide about 800 meals per day and about 400 orders sent out, which can not only make the elderly “eat well”, but also “eat delicious”. < / P > < p > “providing for the aged is not only an important practical matter for the people’s livelihood and an important product of public service, but also an important combination point of new technology and new economic development.” Fang Shizhong, head of Xuhui District, said that Xuhui will continue to explore and promote the establishment of a new type of elderly care service system, which is precise in home-based care, convenient in community care, branding in institutions and integration of medical care and nursing.