Biden’s son’s “black material” is not only fake, but also familiar with the behind the scenes?

NBC’s 29th issue published an investigation report entitled “how a fake character lays the foundation for the spread of Hunter Biden’s conspiracy theory.”. According to the report, a 64 page “black material” document about Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, released by Trump’s cronies seems to have been written by a fake “intelligence company”. Surprisingly, the report also mentioned a familiar media name: Apple Daily. Yes, it’s the media you’ve heard about before. Christopher balding, one of the founders of the document, told NBC that he was involved in part of the report and confirmed that Aspen, the author of the document, did not exist. He also revealed that Apple Daily commissioned them to produce the report. NBC then specifically contacted a spokesman for Apple Daily, who confirmed that Apple Daily did cooperate with balding on the report.