Biden will accept the presidential nomination remotely

Washington, Aug. 5 U.S. National Congress Committee issued a statement on August 5 that former Vice President Biden, who has locked in the party’s presidential nomination, will accept the nomination remotely in his hometown of Delaware. In order to protect the health of all parties, speakers of the 2020 National Congress will not go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Biden will not go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in view of the worsening of the new crown epidemic in the United States, the statement said. Biden will address the nation in his home state of Delaware and accept the presidential nomination. The 2020 National Congress will be held in Milwaukee from August 17 to 20. In view of the new outbreak, organizers had previously decided to shift some of their activities to “online”, while Biden had planned to go to Milwaukee to accept the nomination. Trump revealed in an interview with US media on the 5th that he was considering making a speech at the White House and accepting the Republican presidential nomination. But Pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives of the United States Congress, questioned and criticized this idea. The National Congress of major political parties in the United States is held every four years in the presidential election year. Its main functions include nominating candidates for the party’s president and vice president, discussing and passing the party’s election program, etc.