Biden talks about racism: it’s time to solve “America’s original sin”

[text / observer net Qi Qian] after Freud’s death, another black man in Connecticut was shot and seriously injured by the police, which once again ignited the anger of the American people. Facing the riots caused by the protestors, presidential candidate Biden chose to “put out the fire” urgently. On September 3, local time, Biden went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the shooting happened, to express his sympathy to the family of Jacob Blake and interact with the community. Speaking at a local church, he said the recent riots could help Americans confront centuries of systemic racism. < / P > < p > “it’s time we finally solved the original sin of this country 400 years of slavery and all its traces. ” Biden told local people that if he was elected president, the situation would improve. As one of the “battleground states” in the United States, Connecticut has always been regarded by both parties as a place for general election. On August 23, Blake, an African American man, was shot and paralyzed by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. According to a video at the scene of the shooting, police shot Blake in the back, and seven shots could be heard in the video. < / P > < p > CNN previously reported that his three young children were sitting in the car at the time of the incident and witnessed the whole shooting process. At present, Blake is still in the local hospital for treatment. The incident once again ignited the anger of the American people over the police’s violent law enforcement and racial discrimination. < / P > < p > presidential candidate Biden made it clear for the first time that the police involved must be held accountable and urged a comprehensive investigation. He also said, “these shots pierce the soul of the United States.”. According to the associated press and the Washington Post, Biden personally visited Blake’s family in Kenosha on September 3 local time and talked to Blake himself on the phone. Later, he delivered a speech in a church not far from the scene, vowing that if he was elected president, things would improve. < / P > < p > he said that Freud’s death in May and Blake’s gunshot wound on August 23 provided the first window for generations in the United States to solve the problem of centuries – systemic racism. < / P > < p > Biden told the audience: “it’s time for us to solve the original sin of this country Slavery 400 years ago and all its traces. I can’t promise to solve all the problems in four years, but I can promise you one thing, it will be much better. ” In an interview outside the church, Biden criticized Trump’s condemnation of opponents and his support for the police. He also stressed the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 and the deterioration of the economy on the coloured race. This is Biden’s first trip to Wisconsin as a presidential candidate. In the U.S. general election, battleground states are also known as swing states, which are different from the “stable vote warehouse” with the Republican Party. They are the states with equal strength and no obvious advantage. The bias of these states can often directly affect the election results. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that US President trump visited Kenosha, Wisconsin, in person on Tuesday. But in sharp contrast to Biden, trump refused to recognize the existence of systematic racism in the United States, and also expressed Frank support to local law enforcement agencies, blaming “domestic” for the recent series of violence in the United States. < / P > < p > uncle Blake compared the separate visits of Biden and trump. “Trump didn’t ask about my nephew,” he said. Trump didn’t mention my nephew’s name when he was here. ” He later claimed that Biden was “more like a United man.”. < / P > < p > however, some people said they could not bear to be disturbed by the fact that the two candidates visited Wisconsin one after another in the general election. According to the associated press, Wisconsin governor Tony Evers made it clear earlier that he had asked Biden and trump not to come. < / P > < p > in addition, trump campaign manager bill Stephan was very dissatisfied with Biden’s trip to Wisconsin, accusing Biden of inappropriate move. He said that trump went to Kenosha because he was the president, while Biden only “tried to mix politics in a very serious situation when the president solved problems.”. < / P > < p > according to the latest Fox News poll data, Biden’s support in Wisconsin is 50%, 8 percentage points ahead of trump. The poll, conducted from August 29 to September 1, covered 801 Wisconsin voters.