Beirut port in Lebanon to resume part of the operation to ensure the operation of market goods

On August 13, according to Al Jazeera News Network on August 12, about a week after the violent explosion, the port of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, has partially resumed operation to ensure the operation of goods in the local market. Raoul niemai, Minister of economy and trade of Lebanon’s caretaker government, said that at present, the port has started to operate and unload goods for businessmen. < p > < p > Nimai also said that Lebanon’s flour mills currently store 32000 tons of flour, and another 110000 tons of flour have been or will be transported to Lebanon in the next two weeks. In addition, the world food program will provide the first 17000 tons of flour aid to Lebanon. < / P > < p > a violent explosion occurred in Beirut port area on the evening of the 4th, killing 220 people and injuring more than 6000 people. Dozens of people are still missing. The explosion also left about 300000 people homeless. Beirut residents gathered near the scene of the explosion on November 11 to watch for the victims.