Beijing Xiangshan forum expert seminar opens

Beijing, December 2 the expert seminar of Beijing Xiangshan forum was held in Beijing on the evening of December 1. Yang Xuejun, President of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences and President of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, delivered a speech at the meeting.

Yang Xuejun pointed out novel coronavirus pneumonia makes us understand more clearly that human society is living in a global village, and the world is a community of common destiny, and no one can be alone in front of major crises. Unity and cooperation are the inevitable choices to meet challenges. “Only by upholding the concept of a community of shared future for mankind can we meet the common challenges of mankind and build a more prosperous and better world.”! This is also the strongest resonance and the biggest consensus formed by the previous Beijing Xiangshan forum. ”

novel coronavirus pneumonia has accelerated the change of the Asia Pacific geo strategic layout and regional order. How will the security situation in Asia Pacific evolve? How will a new framework for global strategic stability be established? Human society is facing a variety of common threats in non-traditional security fields such as epidemic situation, climate change and so on. How do countries in the world join hands to deal with them With the theme of “strengthening international cooperation: jointly addressing new global security challenges”, the seminar invited 32 international experts from 12 countries to jointly analyze the world trend, predict security risks, explore countermeasures and seek ways of cooperation. In the first section of the seminar, Yao Yunzhu, senior advisor of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, Fu Gaoyi, former director of the Fei Zhengqing Center for East Asian Studies at Harvard University in the United States, Yamaguchi, vice president of Japan’s Defense University, and other seven Chinese and foreign experts exchanged views on the new development, new characteristics and new trends of the Asia Pacific security situation. Vice President Huang Renwei, China’s Fudan University one of the “one belt, one road” and the Global Governance Institute, is the second section of the seminar. 7 Chinese and foreign experts, including the chairman and executive chairman of the Russian Policy Research Center, Yevgeny Bruski, and Karin von Hippe, director of the Royal Joint Institute of the three armed forces, are exploring the global strategic stability facing the future. < / P > < p > since its inception, the Beijing Xiangshan forum has been adhering to the concepts of equality, openness, inclusiveness and mutual learning. It has become an important platform for all parties to exchange ideas, enhance mutual trust, gather consensus and promote cooperation. It has been successfully held for nine sessions before. Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the tenth Xiangshan forum held in Beijing in the planned year was postponed. Instead, the seminar was held in Beijing to hold the seminar on the Xiangshan forum in video form, that is, to set up the offline venue in the country, and to connect with foreign experts through the Internet, and achieve the

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