Beijing: do a good job in epidemic prevention and control in “three types of places” and report to many units that fail to implement epidemic prevention and control measures

Beijing on January 24 held a press conference on the prevention and control of New Coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing on 24 th. Beijing announced new cases and business premises, shopping malls, restaurants, canteens, “three places” epidemic prevention and control, inspection and enforcement management. < / P > < p > Beijing Urban Management Bureau reported a number of “three types of places” with poor implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures. Longhu changyingtian Street Shopping Center store of lumie film city in Chaoyang District and block B of jiankexingda building at 10 Xinghuo road in Fengtai District failed to implement the “one meter line” system as required; Beijing bujiangjiu e-commerce Co., Ltd. in Haidian District and Beijing Chuanzhi podcast Education Technology Co., Ltd. in Changping District did not wear masks as required; Dongcheng Art training branch of Beijing Bowen Hanxiang technology training Co., Ltd. in Dongcheng District There is no post for temperature measurement and code scanning registration of Beijing Jingxi yiwanxiang catering Co., Ltd. in Mentougou District; there is no record for cleaning and disinfection of Beijing jinshenfu Food Co., Ltd. in Haidian District and Beijing yunquanxiang catering Co., Ltd. in Fengtai District. < p > < p > Wen tianwu, deputy director of Beijing urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau, said that since January, Beijing Urban Management Bureau has inspected more than 110000 “three types of places” and found and urged more than 9000 rectification problems. For the problems found in the inspection, the responsible units are required to make legislative changes on the spot, and the units with prominent problems and ineffective rectification shall be resolutely publicized and exposed in law enforcement. Since January, 3091 law enforcement units have been publicized, and two batches of “three types of places” have been exposed through the media. < p > < p > Wen tianwu said that in the next step, Beijing Urban Management Bureau will strengthen the publicity and exposure of law enforcement, correct and deal with the problems found at the first time, and resolutely publicize the law enforcement and media exposure to the serious problems such as the inadequate implementation of protective measures and the non implementation of “four party responsibility”, so as to urge the implementation of rectification. In particular, the problem units should “look back” and repeatedly check to avoid rebound. For units with serious problems, they will also transfer clues to relevant industry authorities and implement multi department joint punishment. < p > < p > Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that citizens should continue to enhance their awareness of protection, not to go out of Beijing, not to leave China, not to gather together, and advocate spending the Spring Festival in Beijing to reduce the flow of people, Do not travel or travel to overseas and domestic high-risk areas; support the prevention and control measures such as isolation, nucleic acid detection and community control.