Beijing actively helps families with the army to find jobs

Beijing, September 29, Beijing gave full play to the unique advantages and functions of the capital’s dual support work, further promoted the employment project for the families of the army, innovated the resettlement forms, and broadened the employment channels. Over the past five years, more than 150 job fairs have been held at all levels in the city, providing more than 30000 jobs. In order to strengthen the army through service reform, Beijing has formulated a series of measures, such as employment and resettlement for the families of soldiers with the armed forces: it has established supportive resettlement measures for the family members of the soldiers accompanying the army, who have sacrificed their family members on duty, who have been disabled in the war and who have won the second-class meritorious service in wartime, and those who have won the first-class meritorious service or above in peacetime, Implement key resettlement. A priority placement system should be established for the families of active servicemen and military level outstanding personnel who are engaged in major national defense scientific research and training tasks, or those who are praised as advanced models of the whole country and the whole army because of their outstanding work achievements, and those who have won the top three individual results in military training and assessment competition organized by the whole army can be given priority placement. We should establish an open, fair and fair mechanism for the placement of military dependents, and a service linkage mechanism that matches the service contribution of servicemen to the employment and resettlement of their families, so as to effectively safeguard the social credibility of the employment and resettlement work of the military family members. Recently, in view of the fact that the scale of employment and recruitment was shrinking and the employment pressure was great during the epidemic period, Beijing Shuangyong office took the initiative to coordinate nearly 1000 jobs in some state-owned enterprises and foreign enterprises, and organized a special network recruitment fair for military family members, which was well received by the families of officers and soldiers stationed in Beijing.